Road infrastructure is poor. The main connecting road to the town was recently tarred but all other roads and street network are untarred. Most of the roads are seriously affected by erosion to the extent that some streets have become “serious deathbeds for falling accidents”. Roads from the outlying villages become impassable during rains causing foodstuffs and cocoa produce to rot in the farms. Roads in the new town are not fully constructed as some houses block land reserved for roads and other street furniture. There is one government operated public bus (“metrobus”) plying to/from the town to Kumasi. In addition there are a few privately owned lorry cars picking up both farm produce and people to/from Kumasi. Sedan cars owned by individuals for their own transport are few. With the total transport equipment few, medical emergencies often result to deaths due to inability to get transportation to take people with emergencies to the nearby St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Maase, Offinso.