Tetrem, popularly known as “Tottenham” or “Tot” in a short form, is a small growing urbanized town in the Afigya-Kwabre District of Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa. It has a population of over 10,000 people (contrary to 1997 estimate of 5000 people) living in an area of approximately 2.1 million square meters (0.8 sq miles). It is inhabited by a diverse group of people mostly Ashantis (“Asantes”) but also including migrants who have settled in the town to support farming and other occupations. These migrants include people from Northern Ghana, the Fantis from coastal Ghana and a few Gas from the Ghanaian capital, Accra. Tetrem has a rich history of culture, education and farming, having been the home of the Chief Farmer of Ghana for three consecutive years in the 1980s. Tetrem is also noted for its unique plantain called “Apem”.