Like any royalty town, Tetrem has a rich history dating back to the 15th Century. It was originally settled by an Uncle and other family members of the then King of Ashanti.  At that time some family members from the Asaman Kani Royal Family who ruled the State of Ashanti left their home at Atasomanso to do farming at the current site of Tetrem. After decades of war into the 17th Century, the then King of Ashanti (formerly Kwamang), Nana Obiri Yeboah who ruled from 1664 to 1697 recognized Tetrem as his uncle’s hometown giving Tetrem the stool name “ Osei Abobono” with its motto as “mete maboboano” (literally meaning, “I am sitting at my porch”). Over several hundred years, the leadership of the town was transferred to the Aduana family who stayed with and supported the Asaman Kani Royal family. The transfer was a reward for their hardwork, devotion and selflessness. Thus, the Chief of Tetrem is historically considered an uncle to the King of Ashanti. Therefore, his allegiance and traditional requirements to the Ashanti King and Queen are different from other Ashanti Chiefs. To attest to this historical account, in March 1999, a member of the Asaman Kani Royal family and a home town boy, Nana Dr. Isaac Kwame Takyi, (resident in the United States) contested for the Asante Kingship throne with the current King, Nana Osei Tutu II. 

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