Adopt a Project Initiative (API) Program

The API is a sponsorship program directed to anybody who wishes to finance a project in Tetrem identified in the list below. The list includes a number of projects that have been identified that need critical attention. These projects are either whole or in part complete assignments that can be funded all at once. At the completion of the project, sponsors will have a wall plaque named after them and placed permanently in a conspicuous location/site where the project took place as well as the Palace/Community Center of the town.  They will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Tetrem Township Development Committee signed by the Chief and a representative of TAUSA. All sponsors will be featured on the TAUSA website. Potential sponsors should contact TAUSA through this website or the published address.

The following projects (not in any order of priority) with the estimated cost (as 2022 prices) require API sponsorship:

A.     Educational Projects

  • Rehabilitation of one Classroom ( $300)
  • Purchase of School Supplies for 30 Primary students in a year ($150)
  • Purchase of School Supplies for 30 Junior Secondary students  in a year($225)
  • Purchase of Teaching Aids including Teachers’ instruction guides ($300)
  • Rehabilitation of Front Corridors (or Verandas) of the classrooms ($375)
  • Painting of One wing made up of 6 classrooms ($375)
  • Construction of one Teacher’s office ($450)

B. Health/ Medical Projects

  • Purchase of Maternity Clinic Supplies for 10 beds ($450)
  • Purchase of First Aid Equipment and Supplies ($375)
  • Maintenance support for a resident Doctor ($90 per month for 6 months)
  • Purchase of bedding and room furniture for 5 rooms ($450)

C.      Community Facilities and Services

  • Construction of Toilet Facilities (PVC)